Who we are.

It is not enough for us only to achieve our goals! We demand from ourselves and our partners that we achieve our targets with integral performance.

Appreciation and sincerity are values that guide our actions. These define our elementary conviction in business relationships.

We value individual and cultural diversity; we pursue global ways of thinking and act accordingly.

We help develop the professionalism of our clients and measure our performance against the benefits we deliver.

Dominik Graefer

Dominik Graefer with more than 20 years‘ experience in specialized and management positions:

After completing my studies in engineering at the RWTH in Aachen I spent four years in the USA as development and project manager in automation technology. Following that I oversaw the finalisation of large-scale projects in postal and airport automation, was active for years as manager and as director of limited companies, and then was engaged as segment manager for Siemens AG in charge of products for the high-voltage technology in factories in Europe, Asia, and Americas. Following that and driven by the urge for new enterprise, I founded and am manager of the OPMC – Operational Management Consultancy – as free-lance consultant and interim manager both independently and within a network of internationally experienced top consultants.

I have proven my specialized and implementation competence in the course of decades in international business circles. My goal, business, and process-oriented methods have proven to be effective, efficient, and intrinsically motivating in restructuring, expanding and redeveloping. I look forward to sharing my experience and knowledge with you and thus to achieving an added value in your company.

Pascal Richard

Pascal Richard has more than 10 years of experience as a manager as well as in the restructuring of companies. After his graduation from the Munich University of Applied Sciences as an Engineer and receiving his MBA from the Grenoble École de Management he worked two years in the USA as Project Manager in the automotive industry. He was then responsible for Europe wide rationalization projects and gained extensive experience as production manager as well as plant manager for Federal-Mogul in Germany and finally as CEO for the Siemens AG in France. Pascal focuses since 2015 besides being a professional skipper on management coaching and on the optimization of business processes along the whole supply chain. His philosophy is deeply influenced by the lean principles and his action is driven by the constant reduction of waste.

As an interim manager, he takes on leading roles in the fields of Logistics, Production or Plant Management. He sees himself as action driven and change oriented team member. Pascal is a French and German native speaker, he speaks English and Spanish fluently and has integrated the cultural subtleties.

Thomas Vierboom

Thomas Vierboom, after successful mechanical engineering studies, Thomas has more than 20 years of experience in technical and management functions. With international background, both in research & development, quality management & EHS, engineering, project management, controlling, sales as well as overall responsibility in technical building equipment. Most recently 10 years of energy transmission and electrical engineering experiences gathered in the Siemens Group and now working as a consultant globally.

His core competencies are in quality, process and project management, EHS and training.

He builds and transforms structures and systems with expertise, experience and personality traits such as strategic thinking, systematic & analytical approach, customer- and goal-oriented action, passion and interculturality.

Stefan Schrinner

Stefan Schrinner, after a successful degree in mechanical engineering, Stefan gained more than 28 years of production experience at a listed technology group before he became self-employed as a consultant in 2016. During the 28 years he held management positions with P&L responsibility and personnel management for more than 25 years and was able to continuously deepen and successfully implement his skills and competencies in the areas of prefabrication, commercial processes, production, strategic purchasing and supply chain management. Stefan’s last position, which he was responsible for for more than 10 years, was the division manager for worldwide strategic purchasing and supply chain management with a purchasing volume of approx. 400 million €.

In addition to his specialist and methodological skills, he is supported by his strong implementation skills and his ability to act and do entrepreneurially, as well as his very strong communication skills.

Martin Münch

After successfully completing his studies in mechanical engineering, Martin Münch gained more than 20 years of experience in process optimization in international projects. Martin spent the first 10 years of his professional life in the automotive industry setting up production lines and plants. For 10 years Martin has been working as a management consultant and as managing director he built up a consultancy for process specialists in which he is still active today as an advisory board for sustainability. He developed his passion for the reduction of waste, especially of material. The most intensive cost block in the manufacturing industry. In order to identify and reduce this waste, Martin and his friends have developed their own software which, together with state-of-the-art hardware components and an extremely streamlined project management system that accompanies the customer, can very quickly reduce existing waste.

Martin helps the entrepreneur to quickly release equity and make a sustainable contribution to the environment. In 2018, this process was granted a European patent.

Martin’s strength is to inspire and move people. In a network, with customers or with his students at the HTW in Berlin, where Martin teaches quality management.

Robert Mohr

Robert Mohr studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Wisconsin and has been involved in more than 30 projects over the past 25 years. He is our specialist for companies with high pressure to act – from turnaround management and strategic realignment to restructuring and portfolio optimization or poster-merger integrations. His expertise includes performance optimization, the management of complex projects as well as restructuring reports and all commercial issues.


Norbert Passarge

Dr.-Ing. Norbert Passarge

Dr.-Ing. Norbert Passarge, more than 25 years of internationally-oriented management functions, both in the Siemens Group and in medium-sized companies. After successful electrical engineering studies, a further specialization took place in the area of ​​high voltage technology, completed with a summa cum laude graduation. Norbert then distinguished himself in the restructuring of medium-sized companies in the corporate group and subsequently took over the management of the company. He gained experience in the large corporation as a technical manager of a large transformer plant as well as a CEO with the coordination of globally operating business segments in various long-term management positions. His strengths lie in the management and coordination of teams for the solution of quite complex company goals with the specialization to “lean” oriented processes in all areas of the company.

Frank Morell

Frank Morell, as an industrial sales- and business-administration Manager at Siemens for 34 years. Frank could gain intensive experience in the power plant business, production automation, industrial software for machine tools, process automation and in business with high-voltage products. He owned commercial functions in sales, development, production and comprehensive controlling, in plant-, system- and product- business. In strategy and process management functions he designed comprehensive corporate structures. He has more than 25 years of management and strategy experience.

Frank is internationally shaped, not only from his managerial role in France, but also due to his commercial responsibility for the global business segments of high-voltage technology with 10 plants in Asia, Americas and Europe. With his deep commercial expertise, he manages challenging tasks such as restructuring, M&As, due diligence, and consolidations in a business oriented and risk-transparent way towards economic success.

Jörg Schestak

Jörg Schestak, an industrial sales- and business- administration Manager, has more than 20 years of senior management experience both medium-sized and large-scale companies. After several functions in the field of production automation, Jörg moved to Canada in 2000 for four years, where he was responsible for a successful post-merger-integration.

After several turnaround projects in rolling stock business, he led a start-up as CFO to a profitable three-digit volume within five years. After another successful turnaround as CFO of a 600 million € business, he led a medium-sized company out of the red as responsible managing director by consistently focusing on sales and costs.

Jörg has been working as a management consultant since 2018. His focus is on classic interim management as CFO or managing director, all topics around M&A as well as general consulting around strategies, structures and processes. Jörg’s strengths are above all his pronounced analytical skills and the ability to familiarize himself with new challenges in an extremely short time based on his wealth of experience.

Uwe Reitz

Dr.-Ing. Uwe Reitz

Uwe Reitz, all my life I have been involved with organisation and management, working passionately towards a goal, developing and implementing strategies and plans. In industry I have made this my profession. As business manager first for a plant and then globally, or as quality and EHS manager for large, globally operating units.

During my time in service and as a quality and EHS manager, I have internalized service and consulting. I enjoy my contribution when business and processes are running. As a business manager, I have dealt with all the processes of a product, project and service business. I can therefore advise companies in general, but I would like to highlight a few core issues here: Project management, process management, management system, organization, quality management, occupational safety, employee participation. I have moved primarily in the metal and electrical industry, internationally.

My aim is to find pragmatic and sustainable solutions and implement them consistently.